Our standards are high.

Especially the ones we apply to ourselves.

Not the lowest price, but the highest degree of commitment: with outstanding quality, innovation and an eye for sustainable business management.

certificate of quality management

One sign of this quality pledge is the many certificates we've received for our work. Whether in quality management or environmental protection, whether in occupational safety and medicine or in training and continuing education, all our certificates are proof of the win-win situation waiting for you when you select the Würfel-Massong Logistik GmbH as a logistics service provider.

Green logistics is particularly important to us, because this is where environmental responsibility and customer benefit come together in a perfect fit: our modern fleet of vehicles relies on powerful telematics to optimize routes, itineraries and the number of kilometers driven. That saves on fuel, time and money. The optimization of process chains helps here, too. But our efforts in this area do more than just save resources, they also benefit everyone involved in the interests of reducing accidents, wear and tear, and workshop expenses.

And so that we can truly live up to this standard, our drivers receive extensive training to make sure that the theory of our environmental commitment is translated into practice.

We've been following this rigorous path toward environmentally-friendly solutions for more than 30 years now. It's our responsibility to the planet we all share.