Sensitive items require sensitive handling.

And that builds trust in other services.

Our experience has made us a valued partner to the electronics industry, which is why our customers also entrust their production-related services to us.

Companies that transport electronic devices must fulfill more – and often more stringent – security requirements than for other products, particularly as regards vibration-free transport and special load securing. In other words: all by themselves, logistics orders from the electronic industry are a sizable demonstration of the customer's confidence. Even more when Massong is integrated in the customer's quality assurance process. This role is an outgrowth of our long-standing relationships with our customers and is based on their confidence in our work. Today, we take on a variety of tasks for our customers in the electronics industry, including commissioning, assembly and final assembly, sequencing and packaging.

This is only possible if we, as a logistics company, have employees with the right qualifications and if we keep those qualifications up to date through ongoing training and continuing education measures.

Massong's expertise and experience are decisive factors in the company's ability to take on these services for its customers. And we'll be happy to provide them in other industries, too.

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