A gentle journey all the way to the shelf.

Grocery logistics cool and fresh.

Transporting groceries is a special business that requires special transport. We fulfill all the standards and ensure that your products are in your stores on time.

Our customers in food retailing have trusted Massong as a distribution logistics specialist since 2009, because our "Cool & Fresh" business ensures that from apples to zwieback, their products end up on the right shelf, whether refrigerated or not. The size of our business enables us to guarantee prompt, smooth delivery of promotional products or volume increases at holidays. And naturally we meet all the required standards for cleanliness and hygiene (HACCP). Whether you need your products transported on pallets or carts or in freezer boxes, we can meet your needs flexibly. That goes for all our equipment, which we're happy to adapt to your requirements (height, length, etc.).

Procurement for distribution centers is another task we can take on reliably if you need it.

If you have any questions or if you wish to get further information, please contact us about our contact form.