From axles to crackers.

Custom-made solutions from Massong.

A company that understands logistics is right at home in lots of business sectors. One of Massong´s strengths is its ability to use its experience and know-how in developing outstanding services to benefit the particular circumstances of different industries.

Transport companies frequently specialize in particular branches of industry. As an innovative logistics provider, we're at home in a whole host of business fields, and in every one for which we take on logistics, we become a true specialist. As different as all their demands may be, we fulfill their standards and all the statutory requirements.

You decide which industry-related logistics services you want us to provide above and beyond the pure transport of products and goods. Experience shows that our customers entrust us with a wide variety of tasks so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Our standard is simple: Whatever we do, we do it right. It's a philosophy supported by our decades of experience and a highly-qualified team.

By the way, if you don't see yourself in the following sections, just ask. We'll find a solution for you, too.