Auto parts.

At the right time, in the right place.

From axles to cylinders, Massong is a reliable logistics partner to automotive businesses whether you need your parts just in time or just in sequence.

The automotive industry has been a pioneer in many developments – particularly in logistics – that are now used in other industries, too. So it's an advantage to know the subject as well as we do and be able to use it for other industries. Good thing the automotive industry has trusted us with its logistics for years.

The availability of parts, adherence to defined windows of time, shipment tracking and just-in-time deliveries are all minimum requirements in today's auto industry. We can also deliver just in sequence, if desired, so precisely the right part is available on the assembly line in precisely the right order. And so that everything meshes smoothly, we use our own in-house software IT solution: Massong Logistics Network. It ensures that all the workflows, parts availability and monitoring (with open interfaces) remain transparent for our customers as well as for us.

Massong fulfills all auto industry standards (including VDA standards). For transport we rely primarily on megatrailers with an interior height of three meters. This enables us to supply automobile manufacturers with any part they need, from axles to cylinders (procurement logistics), as well as making sure that automotive dealers, distributors and workshops get the right spare parts (distribution logistics).

Size is an advantage: that's why we co-founded the logistics network ASTRAL (Automotive System Transport Logistics) in 1997 to be able to respond even more flexibly to the wishes of automobile manufacturers through a specialization in the industry's logistics processes.

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