From massive to paper-thin.

We understand our customers´products.

Every steel has its own characteristics. We know them all.

In contrast to what most people think, steel logistics is more than just the transport of T-bars. We know that because we're steel transport specialists and we transport all its forms, from coils to delicate brake lines.

In addition, processed steels often have sensitive surfaces that are liable to scratch or rust. So there are different specifications to fulfill for every steel product to be transported, and that goes for the equipment used just as much as for the security of the load. We have all the experience you need, because we've been transporting every kind of steel for more than fifty years.

Here as well, Massong can take on production-related tasks such as the refining or packaging of steel products, or even internal transports, for which we use special swap-body vehicles.

Once again, it's a task that we at Massong can take on only because customer orientation and flexibility are values we live up to, every day.

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