Made-to-measure distribution.

Distribution logistics.

We´ve got the big picture: an overview of all your inventories and movements, transparent for us - and above all, for you.

In an age of around-the-clock trade and non-stop promotions, distribution logistics is increasing in importance. We ensure on-time, reliable deliveries to your markets and stores. And because there are no one-way streets at Massong, we'll take care of everything else, too – for example, when products need to be returned to storage.

Sometimes, when goods are delivered to our warehouse it isn't clear which customer will ultimately sell that merchandise. With our label service, that's not a problem: we'll label your products as flexibly as you need them.

It's impossible to conceive of today's distribution logistics without IT-supported processes. Ours ensure continual transparency – regarding delivery deadlines, lot labeling and, if necessary, lot tracing.

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