Flexibility and transparency.

IT control.

Today logistics without IT control is rarely imaginable. Massong is an expert in IT control and helps you in optimizing your process chain.

Today, nearly every logistics service is based on an IT solution – simply because that enables logistic providers to offer the optimal solution, all the time. And the greater the complexity of a project, the more this is true. Frequently, even the most interesting logistic projects fail on the basis of inadequate or non-existent software.

We've been there ourselves: in the mid-1990s, we were looking for an IT solution for a large order in the automotive business. The existing solutions just didn't work, or work well enough. The situation motivated us to develop our own software, tailored specially to our needs and those of our customers. During the years that followed, we extended this software with additional modules until, in 2005, the stage was set for Massong Logistics Network (MLN). Today it's a powerful tool that helps us master all the various tasks of our business, developed for flexibility and put together so that we can always implement your wishes. Open interfaces to a whole host of applications ensure that our software is compatible with our telematics units and for shipment tracking, among other things. Postings in customer systems and the processing of data provided by SAP are also possible.

The logistics market is always in motion, but whatever challenges it brings, our software will grow to meet them.


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