Products and goods. When and where you need them.

Procurement logistics.

Whatever you need, we´ll deliver it - to the right place and at the right time.

It takes more than just good planning to assure that goods flow smoothly. Reliability and absolute adherence to deadlines are a must to avoid idle production lines and the waste of valuable capacities. We analyze the overall conditions, optimize workflows and ensure process chain stability.

At Massong, we believe today's procurement logistics goes well beyond the transport of products and goods: you define what you need, where you need it and when it has to be there, and we use that as a basis to develop transport plans and delivery rhythms and times. When coordinating with your suppliers, we ensure precision through call-ins or preadvice as well as time windows (ETA/ETD). Here as well, processes are optimized through an effective flow of data between you, us and your suppliers, so that everything keeps moving smoothly without generating unnecessary costs. We can also take on the correct packaging of your products so that they arrive securely at their destination.

And because procurement processes are often complex cycles, our services don't end with the delivery of goods: we can also manage empties and packaging materials, from cleaning to return to correct disposal. That's part of the way we see modern procurement logistics.

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