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Transport logistics.

Reliable transport from A to B. National and international - by road, air, or sea. The beginning of a great relationship.

The pure transport of goods from A to B is a transport company's classic service – and the one from which we've developed a whole host of different services and specializations. Transport logistics are often the first step in a long-term customer relationship, the foundation of a close cooperation that often produces concepts whose scope significantly exceeds "mere" transport logistics.

We transport everything, from axles to electronics to complete machines, whether by land, air or sea, and both nationally and internationally. And naturally we also handle all the customs clearance processes for your products and goods. We can offer you decisive competitive advantages in flexibility and load capacity through our membership in the European forwarders organization "Europäischen Ladungs-Verbund Internationaler Spediteure" (ELVIS).

Around twenty years ago, we joined forces with other freight forwarders to co-found the ASTRAL network (Automotive System Transport Logistics) especially for our customers in the automotive industry, so that we and our ASTRAL partners can take on the complete control and optimization of your automotive logistics processes.

As an IATA agent, we're authorized to work with international air freight companies according to regulations that are valid worldwide. In addition, we've been designated a "regulated agent", which entitles us to simplified freight handling at airports.

But transport logistics only functions reliably when the vehicles used for transport are equipped with state-of-the-art vehicle telematics and the staff in every part of the company is carefully and continually trained – as we've been doing at Massong for decades.

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