Generate added value.

Value-added services.

Make or buy? We´ll analyze the situation with you and offer solutions that really generate added value.

Modern logistics increasingly requires the seamless interaction of a whole host of service offers. What makes the difference is intelligent solutions all the way down the customer's value chain. Our customers frequently ask us to realize specific upstream and downstream steps from production-related areas, because Massong can take on everything that lies outside the customer's core competences – reliably and expertly.

That includes:

  • incoming goods inspection
  • storage and warehousing
  • commissioning and sequencing
  • assembly
  • quality assurance
  • posting in the customer's IT system
  • production supply and internal transports
  • recycling (including cleaning and return to production)
  • packaging and final assembly
  • shipping and customs warehousing

Before we take on these tasks, we analyze the necessary steps and examine whether synergies – in personnel, for example – can be exploited. Our services always have the goal of optimizing processes, and because we offer consulting and "doing" from the same source, our consulting is credible and trustworthy. It sometimes even happens that we make parts of our own service superfluous – but that's our understanding of fair consulting.


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